ENGLISH: Green parking zone


What time is the green zone valid?
On working days:
Monday to Friday: 8-18 clock,
Saturday: 8-12 clock
Starting March 1st: There is no parking fee obligation during lunchtime from 12 to 2 pm.

Where is the green and the blue zone?  Find it on the Map (6.31 MB)

Requirements for the parking permit

  • Your main residence needs to be in Schwechat
    (If not - there are certain exceptions: companies in Schwechat and their employees, employees of Schwechater schools, kindergarten, day care or sport teachers, emergency services, nursing/caregiving relatives or social or medical services. In these cases, please contact +43 1 701 08 278.)
  • You can apply for only one car
  • You need to be either the car's registration owner yourself or it is a company vehicle which you are allowed to use for private purpose

Documents for the application:

  • the registration certificate
  • In case of a company vehicle: confirmation of the employer about the private use

With this form you apply for a parking permit in the green parking zone in Schwechat. It is not valid for the blue short-stay parking zone in the city centre.

Renewal of the parking permit

If any given information changed since your application (name, adress, license number, registration owner etc.) you need to fill in a new form.

If nothing has changed, you can renew the parking permit by paying 60 € (for one year) or 95 € (for two years) to this account:
Stadtgemeinde Schwechat
IBAN: AT94 5300 0065 5500 6339
Purpose: license number of your car (z.B.SW-123A) 

Please renew the parking permit at least two weeks before it expires.

Contact information
Tel: +43 1 701 08 278
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